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Day 4-6

Merle didn’t manage to get any days off while I was there, so I joined her for the trip into town, with a plan to wander. I looked around while we waited for the bus.

“Look how close we are to the mountains here,” she said. There was a park at the end of the street and the mountains loomed over the trees, no more than five kilometres away. “You can walk all the way from here into the mountains, but I haven’t done that yet.”

I had no strong expectations of what Athens would be like, so I wasn’t surprised. […]

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Day 2-3

Merle, like most people I know, is not a morning person, so I sat reading for a couple of hours the following morning, a Saturday, until she got up. We had decided to go to Parnassos, a ski area about 5 hours from Athens, but by the time we left, we knew we wouldn’t make it in time to ski today. In fact, it was almost lunch time before we’d finished pouring over road maps and decided to go directly to the village where we’d stay the night, rather than touring the north coast of Peloponnese. This would mean […]

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Day 1

I arrived in Athens just after noon, although Merle wouldn’t finish work until 5pm. We were planning to rent a car for the weekend, so I dropped my bag at the airport luggage and stopped off at the tourist information centre. I’d spent the flight reading up on the Greek writing system and some key phrases, so I thought I’d try out what I’d learnt.

“Yia sou,” I said, pronouncing it ‘yeeah soo’ as the guide suggested, but the guy just stared blankly. “Hello,” I tried again.

“Hello.” His accent was thickly Greek.

“Um, how do you say that in Greek? Hello, […]

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