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Brunei Family

The highlight of my whole trip was spending new years eve with a local family in the capital of Brunei. I was sharing a hostel room in the youth centre with a Japanese man who was travelling outside Japan for the first time. He’d brought his badminton racquet and befriended a local man on the badminton courts at the youth centre, securing an invitation to dinner on new years eve. The family was kind enough to extend the invitation to me.

Our host had a wife and three children at home. His brother brought a wife […]

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Swimming Proboscis

If I have any complaint about Brunei, it’s around the tours. There used to be a government funded tourist information counter in the post office, but that closed down and now one of the tour companies provides information ‘free of charge’. Of course, that information includes details of the tours they offer themselves. I don’t know how tourists would find the other tour companies unless they take some time to wonder town or guidebooks happen to mention them.

I took a tour that had been discounted to less than half the original cost because I tagged along […]

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Friendlier People

If I had to compare them, I’d probably have to say that the people of Brunei are even friendlier than those of Sarawak. I was told that the direct bus to the capital of Brunei was broken so I took a series of local buses to get here. At the second stop, I asked someone which was the next bus and was immediately told that it left at 1pm, an hour away. That gave me time to explore a little.

When I came back, a driver got into his bus and began tooting to let the passengers […]

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Health Check

My first real contact with the people of Brunei occurred at the border from Sarawak. The local bus took me through 3 stages – stamp out of Malaysia, health check and stamp in to Brunei.

We all got off the bus at the second stop and presented our health papers to an official in a small room. One by one we were called up to be screened. While I waited, I noticed that the screening was done by thermal imaging and there were rooms out the back, presumably for anyone showing up positive. As each person […]

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