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Akasha and I rose early the next morning and headed off to catch our bus into the mountains. The others had most of the day to fill before catching their own buses home. Jesse had helped us check bus times with an official when we’d arrived 2 days earlier, but the woman at the ticket office assured us that there was no bus to Sibiu or Alba Iuliu. The trains, despite being a fraction of the cost of anywhere else I’d been in Europe, were too expensive for Akasha, so we were left with the option of the microbuses […]

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Through the Window

The new arrivals needed cash, so the first stop was a currency exchange booth. It took security very seriously. A guard at the door made Lestat show his cash before letting him into the booth then shut the door behind him so that no one else could enter until he was done. Out on the street, a pregnant beggar was accosting the rest of us. In an attempt to garner sympathy, she lifted her dress to show us the scars of a leg operation. It had the opposite effect on me. It wasn’t sexy, but the wound had healed […]

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Horror Stories

n the moment before the train passed into the tunnel, I stole a glance at the couple sitting across from us. Both were tall with hair slicked back from widow’s peaks. They wore capes with high collars and the man’s incisors gleamed threateningly.

“There are no vampires in Romania.” The man’s voice was chilling in the darkness. He’d obviously seen me look across and knew immediately what was on my mind. I guessed this wasn’t the first time a tourist had looked sideways at him.

When the train came out of the tunnel, I felt very silly. Neither of them was […]

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