Distance Education arrives in Bhutan

When I first arrived in Bhutan, I was invited to help the government’s Department of Information demonstrate the power of technology in an effort to get more government funding. Today, I see that Ericsson have begun work with Bhutan’s education department to install videoconferencing into five remote schools so their students can take lessons from a central group of specialists.

Facebook Valentine

Have you ever heard people say ‘If it’s not on facebook, it’s not real’? You’re not really in a relationship until you’ve acknowledged it on facebook. I guess the corollary is that you haven’t broken up until you’ve acknowledged it on facebook. So what happens if only one person in a new / broken couple… Continue reading Facebook Valentine

Site Design

I’ve designed a new look for the site that will fit better with the social network plugins and makes better use of new features of WordPress and CSS3. With a book on the way, this seems the right time to make the change. In preparation, I’m making changes to the metadata (category names, tags etc)… Continue reading Site Design

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