one by one

The streets of San Christobal are quite narrow and traffic typically flows in one direction. This doesn’t eliminate the problem of jams at intersections, but the traffic lights have been removed due to increased congestion. Instead, the rule of one has been implemented. This rule means that cars at the two inbound roads at any… Continue reading one by one

Streets like rivers

The Mexican rainy season is imminent and we got a taste on our first night in San Cristobal. Fiona and I both got dressed up to go out to dinner with our guide Patrick, only to have the skies open up as soon as we left our room. We thought we’d be fine under our… Continue reading Streets like rivers

Sumidero canyon

The Chiapas region of Mexico is in the west, near Guatemala, and was once occupied by the Mayan people. The name, which comes from the Chia seed growing in the Sumidero valley was first taken on by the local warriors who even the Aztecs avoided for their fierceness. The Spanish eventually defeated the Chiapas through… Continue reading Sumidero canyon

Turned Tyres

Drivers can be ticketed in San Francisco for not turning their wheels when they park. At first glimpse, it seems nonsensical – damaging tread by turning wheels when not moving means less grip when you really need it – but then you realise that the tyres are turned so that the car will roll into… Continue reading Turned Tyres

Hottest 100 BBQ

It’s become a tradition among many young Australians to spend Australia Day chilling out (or going off) with friends at a BBQ with a background of the best songs from the previous year. I jumped on the tradition when I came back to Australia and this year was my second event, but will probably be… Continue reading Hottest 100 BBQ

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The flight, with all its stopovers had taken me 48 hours and my bowels were complaining loudly. A couple I’d met on the last leg of the flight had recommended a hostal in the centre of town and I was relieved not to have to make a choice. The taxi took me directly there and… Continue reading Supermarket

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