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Profile – Mohammed

Mohammed was the most likeable of the Moroccans I met. He gave his name as something different, but less memorable than the name Hucein called him. Mohammed cooked our food for us at the auberge in Zagora and lead the camel safari. He was also the most humble of the family, if family he was.

A couple of years before, an Australian journalist had asked him to take her into the Sahara for 6 months to learn life as a nomad. She bought him 4 camels (about A$10,000 each) for the duration and presumably left them with him afterwards. They may have been the same camels that carried our gear. He was completely relaxed in the desert and aside from one time when I asked him which way was south and he pointed west, he seemed to know his way around without need of tools.

When the drums came out, Mohammed was able to keep a complex rhythm and sing rather well, while Hucein pretended to do the same.

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