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Tribute to Robin

Robin, my Bhutanese friend who ran the rock climbing group, passed away last week. He didn’t seem the type to have email let alone facebook (in fact he did) so I haven’t exchanged a word directly with him since I left. My decision to leave came suddenly so I don’t recall even saying goodbye. I wrote the following brief tribute to be included in a book some friends are making in his honour.

Robin, I remember you best from Sundays at The Nose. You welcomed me into the climbing group and taught me how to lead climb. I saw you do the same for countless others, including the Fire Fighting team. You understood our fears and our capabilities and you combined your sense of humour with a touch of drill sergeant to encourage the best in all of us. You were generous. You were a friend. You were inspirational. You were the best of the Bhutanese spirit. I’m sad to know that I’ll never be able to fulfil my promise to bring you Tasmanian fishing lures. May you find all the adventure you seek in your next life.

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