Yes means No

Whereas the Japanese will avoid saying no by saying ‘maybe,’ the Moroccans seem to avoid it by saying ‘yes’ and finding a way to make it true. This particularly applies to anything that will get you to do something you otherwise wouldn’t do or go somewhere you otherwise wouldn’t go. Examples:

“So you’ll take us in the 4×4 to M’Hamid?”
“Yes, driving, of course.”
Result – 2 hours with 9 adults and 2 children crammed into a small station wagon before the camel safari.

“We can stop in the village on the way back to Zagora so you can see the pottery. They make it there so it’s cheaper than in the cities.”
“Great. A tajine would have more meaning as a souvenir if I could see one being made. Can we see them making it?”
“Of course. Just looking.”
Result – the taxi stopped for 5 minutes at a row of pottery shops with no kiln in sight.

“I want to take the CTM bus. Is this really CTM?”
“Of course. First class!”
Result – an ordinary bus going at the wrong time of day and definitely not first class.

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