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Profile – Hucein

Hucein joined our bus at Agdz and sat down next to Pieter, who I’d met earlier that day on another bus from Marakesh to Ouarzazarte. He was very friendly and quick to invite us to stay at his family’s auberge, where we could camp for only 30 dirhum (A$6) per night.

Hucein is not a natural salesman and got into a territorial battle when another local tried to present his own auberge / hotel to us. He is quick to promise everything, but has no real confidence in himself and no obvious talent. He gets whiney when his cousin Hassan calls him ‘Roman’, but jumps whenever anyone else tells him to do something.

He claims to have many foreign ‘copine’ and plans to marry a particula nomad girl next year. This will require him to live in the Sahara, but he doesn’t seem particularly adept at that life either.

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